Saturday, February 19, 2011

Please be sweet, my chickadee

During college, the film De-Lovely came out. My roommates insisted that I go with them because, as they put it, I would love the music and probably knew most of it anyway. So in 2004, I was introduced to Cole Porter, the composer and lyricist to some wonderful songs of old. He was risque and bold, and though his songs seem showtune-y to the modern ear, the words can still be shocking in our anything-goes society.

So in honor of Cole Porter and my recent marriage, I created Valentine's Day cards for my friends and family and, in doing so, I assume I astounded everyone by using both pink and hearts. Happy February!


  1. I thought the Cole Porter reference was utterly you however the heart was a bit shocking, but maybe marriage is making you soft ;)

  2. Adorable! But you know something? I do not know this movie.

    I love this shade of pink and it goes so well with the red. Cute cute cute!