Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Razzle dazzle

I love Chicago, the musical. Love it. I cannot say this enough. I want to be Roxie Hart and have men in top hats and tails and my name in lights. Perhaps it's not the easiest request, but I can at least watch the movie and pretend. And the music is fantastic! (see here. and here. and here.)

I'm throwing a bachelorette party in a little over a month. Given that the bride is also obsessed with Chicago (the city and the musical), it was fitting to do this:

For these, I printed out the black and white invitation on cardstock, put glitter tape just on the inside of black cardstock. I pasted the printed invitation on top of both and glued very thick glitter paper to the back.

The red glitter makes me giddy. I'm not a particularly good photographer, and my camera can't zoom properly (i.e, on the knot), but the bottom image is a satin knot tied around the "to bring" list. I just pasted the printed cardstock on the glitter paper.

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