Sunday, August 21, 2011

BPC Day 5: Enjoy

So y'all have already seen the picture already, but this is my first digital scrapbook page. Ever. Crazy, I know. I've done plenty of hybrid pages, but they just take too long--doing the computer part, then hooking up the printer, then printing, then cutting, then using. It's really quite a mess. But this was clean as a whistle. (Are whistles even clean? They seem like they'd be dirty.)

The page was inspired by Big Picture Classes Day 5: Enjoy. I had to give it a go. What else could one want other than enjoyment? [Childlike] Wonder? Less [stuff & worries]? Oh man, I'm so excited about these daily challenges. And luckily, they aren't due until the 28th, so I can do them out of order! (Which is good because I have.)

I took this picture right before the annual festival in Newburyport, MA. The people walking ahead of me are my husband and his little sister. Walking around with nothing to do and with people I love is my idea of enjoyment. Plus we got ice cream! What's not to enjoy about that!?


  1. It's amazing! I love it! Did you design the patterns in each of those circles?