Saturday, December 3, 2011

Banners Challenge

Embellishment Magazine Color Trends challenge of the week is "banners" + green, purple, orange, and brown. Given my Clemson upbringing (orange + purple = team; green + brown = football games) and my tendency towards masculine looks, this challenge was really right up my alley. Unfortunately for me, the person for whom I made this card is not a Clemson guy, so I really couldn't run with that theme (dang). He is, however, an English guy and a Tennessee fan, so I used a lighter orange with writing. Ta-da! A masculine card.

Here are the steps:
-Use scraps of 3 colored papers to make little triangles.
-Glue the little triangles to a a deep purple strip scrap.
-Affix 2 brads to bring the banner look together.
-Add sentiment

For the sentiment, I cut the "happy birthday" using the Silhouette Cameo my mom got me for Christmas. If you don't have one, a stamp or a handwritten "happy birthday" right above the banner and on the side would look great with the banner a little higher. White and silver ink shows on the brown.

(I still can't believe she got me the Cameo.)
Purple and orange spritz on the purple paper.

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  1. This is so great!! And I'm proud that you resisted the urge to run with the Clemson theme... Not exactly sure what the Cameo is, but if that's what it can do, go Ms. Sally!