Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mixed Patterns Campbell's plaid Card

When I saw the challenge from Embellish Magazine for this week, I almost died. Ok, not died, but I did a little happy dance. You see, not only are these some of my favorite colors (I love fall), but you see that tie under the scarf? It's remarkably similar to the Campbell's dress plaid. It's not my family tartan. It was my high school's color. That's right. This pattern of plaid was my high school color. If we get into specifics, our "colors" were navy, green, and white with "a touch of yellow." No lie. They were that specific.

I was talking about a card, wasn't I? So, here is what I did. I used the inspiration from their picture exactly [see below]. Using the Campbell's Dress plaid, a little houndstooth, and a little Scottish touch (thus "Scot"--not "Scott"), I have a beautiful birthday card for another Scotland lover: my dad. {And Dad, if you're reading this, yes, you will have to wait a full month.}

The houndstooth paper was printed from a digital paper by Biograffiti
Campbell's plaid -- it's around
The brand of the scalloped paper is a mystery.
Woodland Phrase Stickers by Martha Stewart (whatever, they were adorable and on sale)
The shield is a free cuttable for the Silhouette Cameo
The design/typography was inspired by PaperTreyInk's Holiday Photo Finishers;
Fonts used were: LemonChicken, Currency, Bebas Neue,
CK Tall Type, Modern No. 20, Hill House, and Lobster 1.3,

Challenge picture below. It is perfect! Talk about an inspiration!

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