Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Sketchpad Win

Back in November, I opened my email and saw a comment on my blog was posted by Amy Tan{gerine}. After about a minute of complete and total confusion, I totally flipped out. Completely and totally flipped. She chose me as her winner to win Kelly Purkey's Sketchpad. Have you seen their work? They are design geniuses.

YAY!! The excitement has worn down a tad, but not by much. The sketchpad has 75 fantastic layouts--all well chosen--and it's one of my go-to's for inspiration. There are tons of great places to go for ideas, and I use as many as I can. This is one.

As an aside, her blog post that day was about her time as a student. Apparently, we both went to Georgia Tech. We also both transferred. Neither of us became engineers. Since I was only there a semester, it seems that we did not overlap, but that shared experience makes me happy.

Talk about a slice of the good life! :)

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  1. A slice of the good life, indeed! Congratulations and it was well deserved!