Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before/After Photo Editing

I was asked to show the before & after pictures to my Out in French Press Vintage post.

My camera is a point and click that doesn't focus correctly, so I sharpened the image in Photoshop. You should be able to do this in any layer-based photo editor. Photographers might cringe at this, but since these pictures are going to be 4x6's or 5x7's in my scrapbook, I wasn't too worried about professional quality. "Good enough" will do. This is not the time to let perfectionism take over. This is the time to accept "lovely."

The real magic to my picture is the Urban Cross action from Maggie Holmes' Color Mix Action Set. It really did most of the work. You can buy it for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Totally worth it.

Here's what I did in Photoshop. (Feel free to skip #1.)

1. If needed, sharpen the person in the picture.
a. Duplicate original picture in a new layer.
b. Smart Sharpen the new layer.
c. Select/Highlight the person in the picture. (Use the quick selection tool!)
d. Create a layer mask [see image].
e. Highlight the original and the masked layer together and duplicate them
f. Convert the dups to a smart object, and then rasterize the layer.
2. Highlight the new layer (or original if you skipped #1).
3. Run the Urban Cross Action.
4. Set the Opacity of the new layer to 44%.

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