Friday, February 3, 2012

Wedding Banner, Guest Box, Brunch Invites

Back in October, a friend of mine got married, and I helped her with several craft projects. The first is a "Here comes the Bride" banner. I'm thinking about selling it on Etsy, but I haven't decided yet. (If you would like this for yourself, let me know, and I'll set up shop.) The second is the guest box. She really did all of it. I was just put on the assembly line. :) The last pictures are from the Bridal Luncheon my mom and I threw for her at High Cotton, in Charleston. The pictures show some of the details and the invitation.

If you want to see images from their Mad-men style engagement session which was featured in Southern Weddings Magazine and from their gorgeous reception at Country Creek at I'On, check them out on Hyer Images blog. Most beautiful wedding ever. Goodness, her dress was divine!

[Note: Feb/3/12, Hyer Images' website is down right now, so check back later for the extra pictures]

Wedding photography by Hyer Images, based in Charleston, SC
(font on the banner is Chopin Script)

The company we kept was the best part. The food was right up there too.
You can see the beautiful Miss A hiding behind the hydrangeas. Hi A!!
(fonts are Arabic Typesetting and Mr. Sheffield)

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  1. That banner is such a great idea. A very formal but elegant touch!