Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Crafty, Happy Easter

I hope you're having a wonderful day! We certainly have!

Mr. Handsome (i.e. Tom) and I made some appetizers, and my sister-in-law put together the rest of the the meal to allow her mother the day off. The finale consisted of a moist chocolate cake covered with sprinkles. Holidays should have happiness.

I decided to create a centerpiece of floral branches, dangling paper eggs that I cut from patterned paper with the 3 Easter Eggs pattern by Lori Whitlock. Truly, this was a super simple craft with lovely results. You can do this for any holiday or celebration as long as you have paper and an appropriate die cutting machine (or are willing to pull out your scissors).

Materials: 2 branches from flowering trees; 1 sweet tea pitcher or vase; Silhouette Cameo & the 3 Easter Eggs pattern by Lori Whitlock; baker's twine, patterned paper (I used Work in Progress by American Crafts, Sunny Sunday/Sprint Flings and Easter Things by Bella BLVD, and A Tisket a Tasket/Sprint Flings and Easter Things by Bella BLVD). Don't forget to water, or the flowers will deflate in a day!

May your spring be lovely!


  1. Ack! SO CUTE! You're so festive! We had family here and there was not a single spring decoration, unless you count the lime green plastic cups.

  2. What a beautiful and fun table scape! Coolest ever!