Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Challenge for 5 tips for better photos

National Scrapbooking Day is almost here! As part of the celebration leading up to Saturday, I guest posted at Simple Scrapper where I announced my 5 tips for better photos.

Though the tips are at Simple Scrapper, here I've listed a few related challenges so that you can experiment with your photography! Be sure to check out the tips in the link above as each of the challenges relates to a tip!

1. For pictures with shadows
Creative Challenge: Try taking pictures in different lights to get to know how shadows effect your pictures. For some added interest, use harsh lighting to your advantage to create pictures where your friend or family member is entirely in the shadow. This sort of back-lit photography gives a stunning silhouette!

2. (Surprise!)
No Creative Challenge

3. For pictures of children

Creative Challenge: Put on some comfy pants and get to the floor while your child plays. Angle the camera up at him or her while she walks towards you and snap away. If your children are older, invite some friends over and have them gather in a circle for a team-style photo from below. Or shoot a picture from below as they are jumping into a pool. Or catch them going up on a swing. The creative options are endless!

4. For pictures of places and things

Creative Challenge: A continuation of #3, take pictures of flowers in your garden, your favorite caffeinated beverage, a delicious ice cream cone or cupcake, or special keepsakes from unique angles. Pictures taken on the side (or "profile") are my favorites. Notice which ones you prefer.

5. Notice beauty

Creative Challenge: Next time you encounter pictures you like, examine them to figure out what you like about them. Explore photography inspiration at sites such as and Ella Publishing.

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