Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why hello there

In lieu of scrapbooking, I've been attempting to decorate an adorable cape cod. Mr. Handsome and I moved recently into an honest-to-goodnes house, and what began as frustration (having little furniture does that) turned into excitement as I started getting ideas and putting them into action.

Action 1: painting the living room. 

The living room was a gorgeous color of dark blue with a hint of gray. Unfortunately for the paint on the walls, our couch is also a gorgeous color of equal darkness: but it's dark gray with a hint of blue. They were too close in color and clashed. So we painted the living room. 

Then my sister and her friend visited, and we went fabric shopping. The plan had been to find fabric for the semi-transformed living room, but since nothing happens as planned, we came home with fabric for the kitchen. So the next project began.

Action 2: painting the kitchen.

There was so much dark red beadboard and so much dark red trimming. After the better half of painting a window trim and learning that white ceiling paint is entirely different than white primer paint, Mr. Handsome decided that he did not like painting anymore. So I rocked the rest. I'm a wee bit (read: very) allergic to latex, so in spite of painting with gloves, my hands grew into red, tingling puffs which clued me into the fact that I needed to take a break. So I did. Accounting for breaks, painting the kitchen took months. Months. So much dark red beadboard and trim.

Action 3: making artwork

Once I was done, I crafted myself art. I'll post about that another time. (Sorry.) I'm super proud of my crafty work, but last night, or rather, yesterday, I painted the door so it would look good with the new paint, new roman shades, and new art work. It was an old yellow-ish color that only gets that way from years of use like coffeed teeth that haven't been brushed in a week. The primer went on white (yay! so clean!) and then I went for the black. 

Eek. It may look fine on here, but in a bright little kitchen, it looks like someone dropped an anchor of doom. I have just given myself another very tough errand: painting over more dark paint. Maybe I'll just leave it for now; I still need to paint the upper part of the kitchen anyway. Next time you see me, please remind me to breathe. 


  1. I love the painted white breadboard. It looks 10x better!