Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Operation Nice

I've just discovered the site Operation Nice and their NICE tips. I love this. The world should have more of this. Kindness goes a long way. To be clear, I'm not advocating for complete submission and kindness to the point of self deprivation. But I'm advocating for a consideration of other people. Perhaps even above a commonsense etiquette, I'm advocating going a step beyond the norm to make someone smile and brighten their day.

Some of my favorites from the site:
  • If you buy something from a vending machine, leave the change in the change thingy for the next person. It's funny how someone finding an unexpected quarter makes their day.
  • If you pack lunches for your loved one, stick a small note telling them to have a great day. Similarly, hide small love letters in your significant others pockets/bags/jackets.
  • Clear the snow off a neighbor's car after a big snowfall.
  • When you see a mom with a stroller going into a building - hold the door for her. She'll appreciate it more than you'll know!
  • Send a random e-Card to someone you haven't talked to in a while for no special reason.
  • Make eye contact with people and smile.
  • Wave when someone lets you merge on the road.
  • Let someone who has five items at the grocery store go in front of you and your cart full of items.
  • Give a child's old toys to a shelter every holiday season instead of trashing them.
  • Let someone pregnant or older sit in your seat when none are available.
  • Thank your spouse, significant other, roommate, mom, etc. whenever they prepare a meal for you. It shows great appreciation.
  • When someone you come in contact with is doing a good job, tell them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

BPC Day 5: Enjoy

So y'all have already seen the picture already, but this is my first digital scrapbook page. Ever. Crazy, I know. I've done plenty of hybrid pages, but they just take too long--doing the computer part, then hooking up the printer, then printing, then cutting, then using. It's really quite a mess. But this was clean as a whistle. (Are whistles even clean? They seem like they'd be dirty.)

The page was inspired by Big Picture Classes Day 5: Enjoy. I had to give it a go. What else could one want other than enjoyment? [Childlike] Wonder? Less [stuff & worries]? Oh man, I'm so excited about these daily challenges. And luckily, they aren't due until the 28th, so I can do them out of order! (Which is good because I have.)

I took this picture right before the annual festival in Newburyport, MA. The people walking ahead of me are my husband and his little sister. Walking around with nothing to do and with people I love is my idea of enjoyment. Plus we got ice cream! What's not to enjoy about that!?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

happy hippy

I typically use my traditional stationery for formal thank you notes, but when my note is to a friend, I prefer fun ones. This one was handmade using Anna Griffen paper folded over the front and back of a card and with shaped glitter tape from Michael's. I cut the bottom to match the shape of the glitter. And, yes, I could have added a little white pop-up flag with "thank you" on it, but on my cards, I like what's inside to be a surprise. And the pattern on the paper was just sooo happy!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Razzle dazzle

I love Chicago, the musical. Love it. I cannot say this enough. I want to be Roxie Hart and have men in top hats and tails and my name in lights. Perhaps it's not the easiest request, but I can at least watch the movie and pretend. And the music is fantastic! (see here. and here. and here.)

I'm throwing a bachelorette party in a little over a month. Given that the bride is also obsessed with Chicago (the city and the musical), it was fitting to do this:

For these, I printed out the black and white invitation on cardstock, put glitter tape just on the inside of black cardstock. I pasted the printed invitation on top of both and glued very thick glitter paper to the back.

The red glitter makes me giddy. I'm not a particularly good photographer, and my camera can't zoom properly (i.e, on the knot), but the bottom image is a satin knot tied around the "to bring" list. I just pasted the printed cardstock on the glitter paper.