Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fall Layout: 2 pictures

Fall 2008 was amazing. Perhaps it's because grad school was over.  Perhaps it was the newness of moving to a new city.  Or being closer to Mr. Handsome. Or having friends visit.

This layout was inspired by one of Susan Weinroth's layouts that I found on Pinterest.  My page wasn't going to be nearly as awesome as hers, but I tried anyway. I stuck to neutrals and added a little deep turquoise.

Material: Paper by Studio Calico, American Crafts, Basic Grey, Brad by American Crafts, Title work on Silhouette Cameo, Sticker (TBD) 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CAS "hug" card

I made this card this weekend for a friend in who could really use a hug. I thought it would work well with the  CAS-usual Friday theme this week (CFC54): clean and simple masculine card using designer paper.

Materials: Paper by Papertray and American Crafts. Font (used on Silhouette) is EastMarket

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Scrapper June Layout

Three of the June layouts are for 3.5x5 pictures. Jennifer Wilson's goal was for us to pull out our old pictures and be a little nostalgic. Yes, please!

I pulled up an old family 3.5x5 of my parents for this one. They were sooo young! Other than knowing they were young, no one could figure out when the picture was taken. So I guessed based on the wallpaper and kitchen set up that it was after I was born (knowing they have always looked young) and went ahead writing my thoughts on the page. Oops. Turns out I was wrong. (I'll fix it later.) The story's the same though.


Materials: Paper: Bazzill Basics, American Crafts, Studio Calico; "Delight" Flower: American Crafts; Brad: Basic Grey; Thickers: Amy Tangerine/AC; Alpha stickers: Prima; Sketch: Simple Scrapper Premium Membership
My color choices were based on 2 things: photo discoloration and the time. 

1.  Old pictures tend to have discoloration. In spite of the popularity of instagram, I don't really like discoloration or vintage looks. I like pictures to represent the truth. So I hid the blue discoloration by using peachy colors around it. That way, the peach in the picture is brought out. If I had used a blue, the picture would have looked even bluer that it is. 

2. I like pictures to represent the feel of the story and be accurate to the times. This picture is of young love, romance, and a couple in the seventies or maybe eighties. Thus, sticking to floral and pastel seemed safe. 

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Elephant Card with Silhouette

Oh baby baby! 

The Silhouette has been handy for creating simple cards with a big statement. In this case: welcome Baby! The elephant designed by Pebbles in my Pocket is adorable, and my friend will eat this up.

Also, this is my second go with a stamp. Baby steps. 


Materials: old paper, Clear & Simple stamp, Elephant Shape on Silhouette by Pebbles in my Pocket, pop-up tape

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers Cupcake Toppers

The Avengers movie is out! 

My husband, being the fun-loving Marvel fan that he is, purchased tickets online, and I, being the crafty-loving Marvel fan that I am, made peanut-butter ice cream brownie sandwiches with Avenger cupcake toppers to celebrate.  

No, we don't have kids. And yes, I did make cupcake toppers and brownies for me and my husband. Festivities know no age. Nor does Avengers. I would know because a baby was in the 8:45 Friday night showing.
Materials: Papertrey Ink paper, images from google of the individual Avengers, program to adjust image size, color printer, 2" hole punch, glue, toothpick. I used tape to hold the toothpick in place before I glued, but it's not necessary.

We tend to make things from scratch around here.  Here's what I did.

Peanut-Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches: The brownies were not easy to make since I used an old school from-scratch recipe. My husband and I made the peanut butter ice cream earlier this week based in Thomas Keller's ice cream recipes. Also not easy. But stacking the sandwiches were after the brownies had cooled. To replicate this yourself, I recommend the quick-fix kind if you don't have ample food problems like me: buy the ice cream and brownie batter, make the brownies, cool them, and stack the sandwiches. Man oh man were they delicious! 

Cupcake Toppers: The toppers are incredibly easy to make and require minimal supplies. I googled images of 5 characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, and The Black Widow, saved them to my computer, resized them to fit a 2" punch (available at Michaels or any crafting store), printed and punched. I also punched 5 extra circles for the backs and misted them with primary colors (not shown). As my final step, I taped the toothpick to the back of the Marvel circles and glued the image+toothpick to an extra circle. Hold for a few seconds, and it's done!

A few disclosures:
  1. I do not have copyrights to the Marvel images. These were made for my personal use at home, so I'm ok with that. I, do however, feel a little bad about placing them on the internets, but this post is about the toppers, not the images.
  2. You will notice that the Black Widow is not a cartoon. That is because these were a surprise for my husband, and it would be cruel to make her a cartoon when he's so smitten with the actress.

Now go see the movie! It's amazing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Challenge for 5 tips for better photos

National Scrapbooking Day is almost here! As part of the celebration leading up to Saturday, I guest posted at Simple Scrapper where I announced my 5 tips for better photos.

Though the tips are at Simple Scrapper, here I've listed a few related challenges so that you can experiment with your photography! Be sure to check out the tips in the link above as each of the challenges relates to a tip!

1. For pictures with shadows
Creative Challenge: Try taking pictures in different lights to get to know how shadows effect your pictures. For some added interest, use harsh lighting to your advantage to create pictures where your friend or family member is entirely in the shadow. This sort of back-lit photography gives a stunning silhouette!

2. (Surprise!)
No Creative Challenge

3. For pictures of children

Creative Challenge: Put on some comfy pants and get to the floor while your child plays. Angle the camera up at him or her while she walks towards you and snap away. If your children are older, invite some friends over and have them gather in a circle for a team-style photo from below. Or shoot a picture from below as they are jumping into a pool. Or catch them going up on a swing. The creative options are endless!

4. For pictures of places and things

Creative Challenge: A continuation of #3, take pictures of flowers in your garden, your favorite caffeinated beverage, a delicious ice cream cone or cupcake, or special keepsakes from unique angles. Pictures taken on the side (or "profile") are my favorites. Notice which ones you prefer.

5. Notice beauty

Creative Challenge: Next time you encounter pictures you like, examine them to figure out what you like about them. Explore photography inspiration at sites such as and Ella Publishing.