Friday, June 1, 2012

Two cards of encouragement

These cards were submitted to the 2012 Gallery Idol competition. Results came out today, and the winners were impressive. I was not one, which is no surprise, but I figured I might as well try!

To make these, I sketched the cards out by hand and used Photohop to map out the placement of the sentiments and the fonts. After that, I used the Silhouette Cameo (and the program that comes with it) to cut out the letters.

I'm half tempted to sell these or others like them, but the pop-ups just take so darn long to put together that I'm reviewing the situation. The letters were teeny! I think I better think it out again.



[Can you spot the reference to Oliver! (1968) which I got to watch last weekend? Yay for long weekends.]


  1. Sorry that you didn't make it, Julie. :( These cards are so great anyway!

  2. It was my first year and it was no surprise that I didn't make it either :) But there's always next year! Love the simplicity of the cards <3

  3. Julie - Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog - Your work is so gorgeous and CAS!! These cards in particular really tickle my fancy - keep at it!!

  4. These cards are stunning! I love how clean and simple the design is--even if dealing with the little letters wasn't :).