Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All in the Design

This might be one of my favorites pages of all time. It mimics a sleek photo-book but has the 3D elements of traditional scrapbooking.

I've done enough scrapbook pages to learn that, for me, thought-through simplicity is beautiful. Like the ol' saying advises, I skimp on quantity and go for the quality. The scrapbook industry would be aghast if people start picking up this mentality because they want scrappers to use more product since that's what drives their money making. But always remember that this is your hobby, and what you do, what you use, what you love is your call--not theirs. Stay true to your self and style, and love what you do.


My illustration of simplicity: LOADS of pictures on a page with little product and no journaling and delighfully lovely.
Materials: picnic basket/PB&J paper by Basic Gray, American Crafts Thickers, scrap paper from my stash for the flag


  1. totally with you on this!! this is looking great: less is more sometimes and this layout proves it!! lovely, really.

  2. Julie, I can tell there was a lot of thought that went into balancing all the colors in the photographs - sometimes simple is not simple! Perfect layout. I love it!

  3. You are totally speaking my language. I love the clean and simple feel and sometimes feel like I'm blaspheming when I talk about not using many products. Love the look of this layout!